Wedding Dress Cleaning


We treat all dresses on a case by case basis, from the moment it arrives, your dress will be given the expert care it deserves. Each dress is individually assessed and cleaned according to what our experts deem to be the best process.

Following a detailed inspection of your wedding dress, where we identify any marks which require attention, we use specific hand spotting techniques on any marks, paying particular attention to the bottom of the dress and underskirts where the dress may have trailed and to the inside of the bodice to remove traces of make up.

Each wedding dress is then cleaned using one of the various types of dry cleaning, wet cleaning or hand cleaning techniques we use. Following the cleaning of your wedding dress, it will be inspected for marks. If necessary it will be retreated to ensure the best possible result. Only when we are completely satisfied will your wedding dress be hand pressed/steamed.

If you have chosen our preservation service, your wedding gown will be wrapped in pH neutral tissue paper and boxed. Otherwise your wedding dress will be returned in one of our gown bags.

Whilst we do our very best to remove any marks from your wedding dress we cannot guarantee that every mark will come out.

However, if anyone can remove a mark Dorothy can.