Meet Dorothy, the newest arrival on the wedding scene. She has a unique perspective on weddings, something a little more modern than your traditional wedding dress cleaners. Dorothy believes you should have a ball on your wedding day! Go Nuts!

Dorothy encourages all of her brides to embrace the atmosphere of the day and not get caught up trying to keep their dress pristine. Be the last on the dance floor. Have a bit too much to drink. Break the rules! It's your special day. Have fun! After all, that's where Dorothy comes in. She's the after-party aunt for every bride that trusts her to handle their wedding dress. She'll magic it away to her team of expert cleaners, who'll make sure every dress is treated with the utmost care.

Dorothy is powered by ACS (Advanced Clothing Solutions) whose circular business models are designed to maximise the circulation of garments through sustainable textile care, repair, storage, and carbon neutral transportation. The mission of ACS is to maximise the lifetime of garments. So Dorothy is proud to be able to utilise their innovative technologies to clean your wedding dress in the most sustainable way possible. Not only is Dorothy passionate about her brides, but also about our planet, she wants to make her mark as the only cleaner in the UK, who specialises in cleaning wedding dresses to achieve B-Corp status through the help of ACS. This will allow Dorothy to continue to deliver a completely unique service and user experience like no other.

Dorothy's Details

Brought to you by ACS Clothing LTD


6 Dovecote Road,
Logistics Centre Scotland,
North Lanarkshire,

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General Enquiries
0844 248 0023

Returns Policy

14-Day Returns Period from date of delivery.