The best weddings are the ones where anything goes.

Your wedding is the greatest day of your life, so celebrate it in the way only you can. Once the vows are done, anything goes; you shouldn’t hold back in making it unique. It’s okay if things get messy. It’s okay to drown your dress in champagne. It’s okay to turn your wedding into a music festival. It’s okay to have your wedding pictures, paddling on the shoreline. These are the moments you’ll cherish forever. You’ve only got one shot.

Your wedding dress is the witness.

Have the confidence to throw the greatest wedding party of your life. Dorothy is always ready to rescue your wedding party clothes. Leave them for her to clean, repair and preserve. She’ll have them looking new.


Down the aisle by day.
Drowned in disco by night.

Your wedding dress is the witness.
Stained by champers.
Trails dusted in dirt.

What did you expect on the best day of your life?

But no stain is too stubborn.
No spot too dark.
No blemish should leave you in a muddle.

Because Dorothy is with you.
Your wedding after-party aunt.

Ready to rescue your wedding clothes.
She’ll have them looking like new.
Wedding dresses wonderfully white.
Shoes left sparkling bright.

Leave it for Dorothy to do.


Removing marks without leaving our mark. Dorothy is a B-Corp company.

Preservation Box

Specially crafted to help preserve the memories from the biggest day of your life.

Quick Turnaround

Magically returned looking new in a few weeks. Or whenever you return from your honeymoon, it’s up to you.

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